Top Strategies To Help You Increase Your Score In Block Puzzle Games

We all love block puzzles because of how they tease our brain, don’t we?  If you’ve been playing for a long, but you still can’t get the score you want, you probably feel frustrated. If this is the case, this article is here to help you. In this article, we’ll provide you some advice on how to play block puzzles so you may improve your scores.

Unquestionably, block puzzles are some of the most fascinating puzzles. They have the power to capture your attention for hours. If you’re searching for the best game to play and enjoy, block puzzles should be at the top of your list.

Whenever you are solving block puzzles, you should always aim to raise your score. Below are tips to help you get a higher grade on the block puzzle.

1. Start from the corners as you move up

If you want to achieve a higher score when solving a block puzzle, you must ensure that the game lasts for an extended period. You won’t get a higher score, if the game ends pretty much quickly. You should therefore look for strategies that will let you extend your game time. One of these strategies is to start from the corners when putting blocks. You will easily move vertically or horizontally if you start from the corners.

To avoid leaving empty cells in between the blocks, you need to strategically place them. This strategy will improve your score because it will prevent you from filling your grid too rapidly and quitting the game early because you don’t have rooms to place the blocks.

2. Focus on the horizontal and vertical lines

Block puzzles are made with the idea that the objective is to not just fit the pieces together, but also to draw straight lines across the board. Your top priority should be to clear all lines, both vertical and horizontal. As you successfully clear more lines, you will gain points.

3.Try clearing as many columns and rows as possible.

Remember that clearing several rows and columns at once can result in bonus points. That’s why you need to clear numerous lines simultaneously rather than simply one line. You need pay attention to the how you place blocks even as you claim to clear the horizontal and vertical lines. This is yet another excellent method that will help you play block puzzles more successfully and earn you a higher celebritylifecycle score.

4. Strategize

When playing block puzzle games on your tablet or smartphone, make a plan for where the blocks will go strategically to help you get a good score. They shouldn’t simply be thrown onto the grid. You must choose wisely from the available blocks and carefully consider where you want to place them. This way, there won’t be any blank cells to fill in. By carefully placing your blocks to eliminate as many rows and columns as you can, you can also increase your musicalnepal score.

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