Business Plan for a Manufacturing Business


This is a request for a loan of $6,000 to establish the Central Personnel Agency as my sole proprietorship. Central Personnel will specialize in providing South City employers with secretarial, clerical, and computer (word processing) skilled personnel. I am presently a junior partner in Mid-Mountain Personnel Services, a similar type of personnel agency with headquarters in North City. I manage the branch office in South City.Check the site Filmy god

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Mid-Mountain provides me with an office in a good, downtown location and a moderate salary. I like what I do and feel that helping people find work is a creative and satisfying activity. The $6,000 loan, which I am hereby requesting, will enable me to open my own employment agency, make my own business decisions, and substantially increase my income.

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To do this, I will be competing with my former employer, Ms. Jackie McCabe (dba Mid-Mountain Personnel Agency), to some extent, even though her headquarters is, and will remain, in North City. To minimize any hostility that could hurt business, I have kept

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Ms. McCabe informed of my plans. She supports them, has agreed to allow me to take over the lease on the South City Office, and is enthusiastic about working out a referral plan under which we will work cooperatively when we are dealing with employers located in each other’s prime geographical area. Get insightful information on Business Sports Music Games Entertainment Food and Technology. Those blogs provide you with the topic information of the latest news updates.

My best estimate of sales revenue and cash flow (both of which are spelled out in detail in this plan) shows that even using conservative estimates, I will earn a significant profit once my new business has been underway six months.

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Last speech

My background experience in the personnel agency field, and past record of success, support my view that I will succeed. I am eager to begin. B. My Experience and Background As my resume sets out in detail, since 1992 I have worked for three different employment agencies in this area, successfully finding jobs for many people. This has given me the opportunity to learn the personnel agency business thoroughly, including how to find employers needing workers, and how to locate and screen desirable employees.

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