Surprising My Wife with a Christmas Getaway

Making This Christmas More Special

This year, I’m aiming to make Christmas especially romantic; my wife deserves a bit of a surprise after twenty years of putting up with my shenanigans!

As far as I’m concerned, nothing tops a Christmas getaway. A change of scenery is always refreshing, especially when a time as claustrophobic as the holiday season comes around.

Taking Her to a Fancy Resort

My plan is to take my wife to a wonderful resort that will meet every conceivable need of hers, be it resting, shopping, exercising, or visiting the spa. Who doesn’t need time away from their pesky household obligations every once in a while?

I, of course, have a lot of other engaging ideas for this trip, but the resort itself will be a wonderful back-up with all of its amenities. My wife is a huge fan of bubbling hot tubs and luxury room service!

Visiting the Local Park

My wife and I love the outdoors, which is why it’ll be a treat to walk around some gorgeous local parks. The scenery in the park near our home in the States is pretty enough, but a tropical promenade will be so much more unique!

I’m also planning to give her a new necklace during one of our walks. I just hope she doesn’t find it in the hotel room before the surprise!

Splurging on a Romantic Dinner

It would be a dream to take her to a few romantic dinners. I’ve been eyeing, in particular, a 5-star steakhouse; I hear the porterhouses are to die for.

And wouldn’t it be fun to open a nice champagne, like Rosé, while we’re absorbing the ambiance? It’s not often that we get big chunks of time to ourselves, so the opportunities seem just about endless!

Taking Her to a Luxury Med Spa

Of all that I have planned, I’m most looking forward to taking my wife to a luxury med spa, which, unlike a regular spa, offers more comprehensive treatments that leave you feeling younger and more refreshed. In fact, some of their procedures can help you get rid of wrinkles and deeper lines!

To be completely honest, I’m excited to get some work done, too!

My wife has never been to a med spa, so it might be a bit of an adjustment, but I have no doubt that she’ll love it as long as she is pampered! After all, there’s nothing more rewarding than leaving a spa feeling more confident in your own body.

Going Holiday Shopping

Everyone likes to shop, and for better or worse, my wife is no exception.

So, I’m going to take her to some special stores that we don’t have at home—places where she can pick out nice, well-made outfits. I might even do a little early Christmas shopping and pick something out for myself, or for my friends!

Watching Nostalgic Christmas Movies

Christmas movies, in my opinion, are the best flicks out there. My personal favorite is ‘A Christmas Story;’ “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” is one of my favorite one-liners of all time!

There are a number of theaters just a few minutes’ walk from the resort, so it’ll be a breeze to stop by and check out what’s playing. I’m not as big a fan of romantic comedies as my wife is, but I’ll still bear through them, because they make her happy.

If the theater showings don’t pique our interest, there will at least be a TV in our room, so we’ll be able to rent movies or watch a Netflix original. If we run out of ideas, there are always helpful lists online to look at.

I can’t wait to take time away from work, home, and, as much as it pains me to admit, our kids. It has been years since my wife and I have had time alone! And it’s not like we’ll miss Christmas Day; we’ll be back just in time to enjoy the festivities with the whole family.

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