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Arizona Republican Party Considers Resolution to Censure Senator Cindy McCain

The Maricopa County Republican Party is considering a resolution to censure Senator Cindy McCain. The resolution was drafted and passed by the committee transarc by a large margin, but was not added to the floor resolution. The party is expected to vote on the resolution on January 23.

The resolution is a reaction to the presidential gameplanet election and the recent death of her late father, U.S. senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain. It has sparked outrage among many Republicans. However, the resolution is not the only measure of concern for the Maricopa County GOP. The state Republican Party has also indicated that it will consider passing a similar resolution.

In Arizona, the Republican Party has been divided by ideological factions for years. The base derides pro-business conservatives as “Republicans in name only.” However, this establishment brand remains popular among a large number of Republican voters. In fact, a recent poll found that pro-business conservatives have won Arizona without 50% of the vote.

The Arizona GOP filed a lawsuit on Jan. 23 to audit the state party’s election process, citing confusion and lack of ballot security. The lawsuit also cited an erroneous election result. One at-large executive committee post was initially declared a winner, but later ruled a loser. In addition, the two prominent Republicans in Arizona have clashed with each other over the past year. While both women are Republicans, McCain endorsed Biden last itsmy year. She even verbally attacked Trump in an interview on CNN.

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