Occurrence and Casualty Insurance

What Is the Definition of Occurrence in the Insurance Area?

If you are looking for the meaning of occurrence insurance, then you have come to the right place. The occurrence definition concerning insurance is the following: An event of damage to a person’s body or property that is contained into the limits of the insurance coverage, occurs during the period of validity of the insurance coverage, and where the insurance provider should do some kind of payment under the policy for it.

So, according to this occurrence insurance definition, when an insured person needs to make a claim against the policy, a definite occurrence of damage must have occurred. An occurrence in insurance is only accepted as part of a claim when it fits the conditions concerning the risk that the insurance provider has been stipulated in the policy contract.

A practical example of the occurrence insurance definition

The owner of a vehicle has bought collision insurance and car liability insurance. The car has been part of a traffic accident with another vehicle. The driver’s auto insurance protects him from the occurrence of damage to his own vehicle from a collision and to the other party’s vehicle. He could make a claim under the policy to the insurance provider grounded on the amount of damages he and the other party suffer. This claim could reach the limit that was fixed in the insurance policy. The claim limit could be set on the whole policy or an individual claim; it depends on the conditions agreed on his insurance contract.

Another car owner has bought only car liability insurance because he needed cheap car insurance with low down payment. It is stolen outside of your workplace. His company does not offer any guarantee or any form of car insurance for her vehicle, so, they are not legally responsible for the theft in any circumstance. The policyholder tries to make a claim under the car insurance policy for this occurrence of theft. Nevertheless, car liability insurance does not cover any case of theft or loss of the insured’s vehicle, so, the claim is rejected because this situation is not accepted as an occurrence in insurance under her current policy.

All drivers should be sure about having the appropriate insurance coverage in order to protect them in all possible situations. In the second case, the driver could have fitted his claim with the occurrence insurance definition with a different policy, comprehensive insurance, for instance. This could have protected the policyholder from any case of theft or loss of her vehicle.

If you still have doubts about what occurrence insurance means or the occurrences you could be protected for, then reading your insurance contract could be a great place to start. Then, if that isn’t enough, you could contact your insurance agent or broker to get explanations concerning occurrence in insurance and how to be successfully covered.

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What Is Meant by Casualty in This Scenario?

Casualty insurance is a specific form of risk coverage offered by insurance providers that protects you against the specified instances of casualty or a general category of casualty defined in your insurance contract.

In simple terms, Casualty is the damage or loss suffered, financially speaking, by an accident where the insured party is held legally responsible. You could find the following types of insurance included in a casualty insurance policy:

Bodily Injury

With regard to bodily injury, you will be covered for third-party damage when you have automobile liability insurance. This type of coverage covers not only the insured’s damages and the costs of medical treatment that the driver might need due to the damages but also the losses that the person could have as a result of the injury or medical treatment, say, for example, loss of job.

There could be more comprehensive accident insurance options for bodily injury that would also protect the insured person and ensure that they would be properly protected in the event of a traffic accident. If you are not so sure about the amount of coverage for bodily injury, you should carefully read your insurance contract again. In case you do not clear up your doubts, call your insurance company and ask for an explanation.

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Property Damage

When you have car liability insurance, property damage casualty insurance is, normally, only for third parties. It could cover, besides the charges of fixing and repairing the physical damages to other people’s properties, the charges of any losses that occurred because of the damages. If a radio station’s transmitter was damaged in an accident where you were at fault, you might have to pay compensation to advertisers for lost incomes or to the radio station for lost incomes and/or lost business.

As we have said before, you could get more comprehensive options covering property damage. This might limit your legal responsibility concerning your own property, and, more specifically, your own vehicle.

There might be several choices that could cover you from several instances of casualty. This could begin in collision damage and go up to fire, or theft. Generally, you couldn’t be insured against situations of “force majeure”, or, as it is usually known, “an act of God”.

Why is it important to know about Casualty Insurance?

You should always be clear about which particular instances of casualties you are protected from. For clarification, read your insurance contract again. Even if you got a cheap first month free car insurance policy, it is very important for you to know if your auto insurance covers almost all possible situations for you or if you might face some eventualities where, being held legally responsible, you should pay a lot of money out of pocket. When you consider that your insurance coverage might be less than necessary, filling in the gaps with casualty insurance could be a wise choice for you.

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