Ulla Johnson and the Brooklyn Apartment She Shares With Her Family

Originally from Manhattan, Ulla Johnson has developed her signature style while living in New York and faraway places. She founded her eponymous line in 1998, soon after graduating from university. The designer is known for paying close attention to construction details and focusing her collections around natural fibers, beautiful finishing, and ease of fit. Here, we take a closer look at the inspiration behind her eponymous line and the Brooklyn apartment that she shares with her family.

Ulla johnson’s eponymous line

Ulla Johnson’s eponymous line launched in 2000. The self-taught designer created a product line of five designs that she self-funded. Since the brand’s launch, she has maintained relationships with producers in Peru and manufacturers in New York City. She designs her collections with a high attention to detail and emphasizes beauty and ease of fit. This attention to detail has earned her a cult-like following.

A true icon of bohemian style, Ulla Johnson’s eponymous line features custom prints, fine tailoring, and a romantic aesthetic. The label’s commitment to the artisanal process has earned it a loyal global customer base. The label’s newest addition is shoes. A pair of comfortable shoes is a must-have for any woman this season.

Her Brooklyn home

A 19th-century row house in Brooklyn, New York, is no easy task. Finding one of these gems requires more than a simple offer. The design firm behind Ulla Johnson’s home met with the homeowners in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, to see how they lived. Johnson and her husband, architect Zach Miner, hung out with the homeowners’ kids and designed a home that’s both light and airy. In addition to designing the home, Miner and Elizabeth Roberts teamed up with interior designers Alexis Brown and Elizabeth Roberts to create an incredibly elegant and comfortable space for the family to enjoy.

A New York-based womenswear designer, Johnson is a mother of three and the daughter of an archeologist. Her passion for eclectic textiles, found treasures, and world travel has translated to her design aesthetic. Her Brooklyn home is a testament to this passion for fashion. The interiors of her home are an inspiration for readers of all ages. Here, you’ll find a mix of psychedelic florals, vintage prints, and modern classics.

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Her inspirations

The designs of Ulla Johnson are reminiscent of the textiles and weaving arts of many cultures. Ulla draws her inspiration from various local crafts, techniques and symbols and combines them in her work. One example of this is her use of jewel and flesh-toned color palettes in her fall collection. To complement the fall collection, Johnson incorporated molded leather trousers and cloque tops with rounded puff shoulders and byredo.

Born and raised in New York City, Johnson began sewing her own pieces after college. She also designed exclusive items for friends’ stores in Nolita. Her business grew organically, and eventually she was picked up by Barneys. We caught up with Johnson shortly after her Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2020 presentations to learn more about the inspirations behind her designs. She explained her brand’s philosophy and her inspirations.

Her style

Designer Ulla Johnson embodies the spirit of the American woman. She has worked with artisans all over the world to bring her designs to life. She has worked with sari makers in India and silk experts in China. Her designs have a timeless, chic quality that translates easily to everyday life. And with an impeccable eye for detail, she has created several pieces that have been worn by celebrities. The entrepreneur recently met with Whitewall to discuss her design process and how she creates her unique style and cynthia Rowley.


Known for her bohemian floral prints, Ulla has become a favorite of Katie Holmes. The actress has worn Ulla clothing to numerous red carpet and photo ops. She has even given a shout-out to the brand on her Instagram. This love affair with the designer started four years ago, when Katie Holmes wore an Ulla dress at a fashion event in Las Vegas. The following day, she posted a photo of herself wearing the same dress.

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