Top 5 Online Games Of All Time

In the era of online schooling, upgraded technology, and gaming laptops, one can find an extensive range of online video games or other similar games. Choosing the best out of the entire slot can be a pretty tricky job. A pretty versatile player needs to know which games top the list from an overall perspective. Games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Crossfire are ruling the gaming world.

Let’s discuss the top online games of all time.

Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call of duty- warzone is one of the fastest growing online games in today’s world. It is available for both android and windows. It is a multiplayer game that hosts more than a hundred million players worldwide. It is a highly classified game and demands high specifications for accessing it. The experience of playing this game is excellent, and many well known gamers play this game daily. celebrities net worth


Minecraft is the third top online game that is played the most in today’s world. Over 600 million players play this game. There are various modes of playing this game. Players choose to switch to first-person view or third-person view according to their personal choice. Another interesting tool is the pickaxes which allow the user to collect various materials such as rocks and tunnels, which would protect them from damage in the game.


This game is available both over Smartphone and Pc. This game is a survival game, and surviving here is very low. The whole town is filled with the undead known as zombies. You are to make your survival here in the frozen wasteland, which holds many buried secrets. The only way to win the game is to scavenge through it.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

This game is well known as PUBG and is available for smartphones and PCs. This game’s main aim or target is to survive till the last and be the last person alive on the island. It has various maps of islands named Shanok, Miramar, Livik, and Erangel. It also has a variety of guns such as shotguns, snipers, rifles, and pistols. It is a multiplayer gun fighting game, which you can play solo, duo, and in the squad.


Crossfire has well established itself in the gaming world. It’s a free game with online FPS and has gathered more than 1000 million players worldwide newsintv. Moreover, you can play this game on any supportive mobile device, a computer, or a laptop. The game offers high-speed combat with as many as 41 maps. You can play either in a one v/s one mode or with two teams or no team at all famousbiography.

Now you have all the necessary and interesting facts about online games flowing in the current world. All these games are easily available, so don’t waste any more minutes and download the game you are interested in and enjoy your time. Furthermore, since you are a fan of online games, you can also try various cards and slot games at betFIRST and have fun.

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