Tips to overcome fear for online examinations.

With the advancements and development of science and technology, our education system has also evolved a lot. From traditional classrooms, we are moving to digital or virtual classrooms. Examinations are an integral part of education in the lives of learners. With the growing educational technology, modes of exam conduction are also getting digital. Students always fear a lot about their exams. Along with learning, the following few tips will help students to overcome their stress, anxieties, and fears about exams. Many examinations are now conducted online. Let us discuss the plans which will help and guide you to appear for an online test confidently. Matokeo ya Darasa la Saba 2022/2023 Learn more about its origins and beliefs!

  • Try to get acquainted with computer-based forms of exams.

Online examinations take place with the help of a network or internet and network devices such as computers or laptops. If you are appearing for online exams, try to get familiarized with the pattern and procedure before it. For this, you can practice sample papers, mock tests, and many other aptitude tests available on the online platform. In online classes, instructors provide you the material for revisions and practice. Studying and receiving education online, helps you to get familiarized with the online mode of exams and technology involved. This also helps in developing the analytical and technical skills of students. Trail rounds will help you in managing time and understanding the proper format. This will also help in increasing speed while giving an examination. This way you will be able to finish your paper on time without any pressure and coercion.

  • Proper revisions and practice rounds

One thing that you should surely do before your exams are proper revisions and several practice rounds of reading, writing, memorizing, and solving your syllabus and content for examination. Revisions train and prepare you for the final exams. They help in building confidence and assurance among the students. With each revision round, you will be able to analyze your performance and quality of learning. This will help in the overall improvisation, betterment, and growth of learning. If you are afraid of subjects like mathematics, constant practice and solving questions is the best way to overcome your fear and score well. Keep practicing as much as you can. After completion of each chapter, revise and practice a certain set of questions that you find difficult. This will help you to get a good command and strength on the subject. Online teaching apps provide you with a lot of practice worksheets and assignments. Ebooks availability provides you a bigger platform to access more content and information to learn and practice. You can use these worksheets provided by the instructors. Practice them and ask the doubts and queries from your teachers. Try your best, don’t worry and stress about your paper. Take it smooth and easy.

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  • Do detailed and thorough learning.

Being thorough with your subjects is very essential. It will help you to be stress-free before your exams. When you study properly and have good knowledge of your subject, you feel confident and positive. A positive mindset helps a student to be calm and focused. To score well, depth learning is important. If you are choosing the online mode of examination and have been a part of online classes, you must have prior knowledge of how online exams are designed. The online exams have a majority of multiple-choice questions and logical questions. Also, students have to answer these questions within a particular period. So to avoid delay and pressure, proper reading and learning of the chapters should be done. Try to have a deep understanding of your concepts. If you have any difficulties, ask your teachers and parents. To make the correct choices in exams, follow this step. This will surely help you for effective learning as well as effective scoring in exams. If the syllabus is more, divide it into small portions and then learn. This will help you to complete the big and compact syllabus as well. Revising them chapter-wise will also help.

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  • Being attentive and listening to instructions carefully.

Before the exams teachers always explain the instructions, rules, and regulations of the examination. Careful listening plays a very important role in giving the best in your exams. Listening to the sets of guidance and later following and implying them in your exams will make you excel in the subject. When the instructor is telling and explaining to you the instructions whether in an examination hall or on online teaching apps, your full focus and attention should be on the teacher’s words. Be calm and relaxed during listening. Students even after full and proper preparation, do not score that well in exams because of poor listening and reading of instructions. This demotivates students, as well as their exam performance. If you are appearing for online exams, read the instructions that appear on your screen before the exam begins. Make sure that you have rough sheets, a pen or pencil along with you. This will help you to solve the questions in rough before choosing the correct option.

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