The utilization of Digital Print Media These days

There may be an “all or nothing” mentality among conventional converters who favor the utilization of a single asset for the entire production process. Digital assets can help many converters boost production efficiency and save money by utilizing them for a portion of their work.

Limited editions, changing content, short runs, and high-agility demands are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Brand managers may quickly introduce new product variants or generate localized promotions using digital’s cost-effective and seamless customization. Everything is going digital as label converters look to the future and upgrade their equipment.

As the speed and demand for work increase, new digital solutions are being developed to manage workflow. There was a time when a company’s administrative staff could handle just three jobs a day; today, it may be necessary to process hundreds. The use of digital tools helps speed up the manufacturing process.

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Labels can be produced more quickly and efficiently with the use of digital technology.

  • Near elimination of makeready waste.
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Are there a ‘true’ digital media?

As the name implies, True Digital is an innovative printing process that integrates digital printing with the well-proven laser finishing capabilities in a single piece of printing equipment.


Laser conversion with digital label press and digital printing are both included in True digital. There were several separate procedures and pieces of equipment that were necessary to produce labels in the past.

Label converters can profit from accurate digital technologies by enhancing the long-term success of flexographic capabilities, enabling printers to keep current with market trends and satisfy clients’ expectations.

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The inline label printer anyjet2 is superior to other inline digital printing devices.

The rotary die cutter may be used inline, so why not? This method saves time, but it comes at a price because it requires a new flexible die for each installation. If the design or paper is altered, you will be unable to use the previous die and need to purchase a new one.

However, because any-JET II is a 100% digital inline system with a combination of digital printers and laser cutters, you can print to cut with a single roll installation. You don’t need to make a die to cut with lasers, which is its most important feature¬† of label print to finish.

Every obstacle is a chance to learn something new.

The advantages of analog machines are undeniable, but in the future, we expect more short-run jobs. Therefore digital is the only option. Because of its Auto Job Changeover function and its True digital inline system, True digital technology is a better choice for short-run works than any other existing digital or analog device.

By combining decades of an analog experience with cutting-edge digital technology, converters may position themselves to appeal to a new generation of businesses. In the past, conventional printing took many steps, from art generation to plate making to printing.

Digital print can significantly enhance the value proposition. 

This is based on the savings and benefits of not having any obsolete inventory, shrinking time-to-market. Digital printing also saves on the cost of prepress and the per-thousand cost on labels or cartons.

The success of your product is directly related to the quality of your label. It is now possible for small and startup companies to enjoy the same level of quality as large enterprises, even if they don’t want or need to acquire labels in large quantities.

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