We offer to aim individuals to God. One manner in which we can do that is by dressing properly for our duty that day. For those on-platform, what you put on must not sidetrack individuals, draw attention to yourself, or be unsuitable. And for those off-platform, what you use needs to be as distraction-free as possible, to ensure that you can operate silently, as well as help in pointing individuals’ interest to God.

This is not a “mold” to attempt as well as squeeze all the character out of you. These are simply guidelines we comply with to ensure that we can all work together in our objective of leading people better to Jesus.

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Wearing intense colors or declaration pieces to church is distracting for those around you, as well as probably for yourself too. Avoid accentuating yourself in the moderate church atmosphere and wear neutral colors, solids, or marginal patterns. When doubtful, go for a light blue or white t-shirt, as well as dark trousers for what to use to church as a man. Brilliant patterns or colors can be loud in an atmosphere that is dedicated to worship and being a modest attendee. See to it to avoid the neon tee shirt next Sunday.

Choose wise laid-back church wear with collaborated colors, as well as divides to attract attention decently.


If you’re looking for means to bring individuality to your church clothes past neutral colors, do not hesitate to spruce up with the ideal accessories. From footwear to belts to socks to a great coat, there are numerous choices to adorn what you put on to church as a guy. For males, match your belt to the color of your footwear. Try boat shoes, bums, or dress footwear if you wish to go above and beyond in your church outfit. Dress socks come in many patterns and colors, as well as can be one aspect where guys can decorate a little bit. Considering that men’s outfit socks are hidden by footwear and pants, they make the best device for men’s church use outfits. Sock is an excellent area to reveal a little bit of personality without utilizing too much real estate in your church attire.

Devices that are not as appropriate for church wear consists of hats, as well as sneakers. Depending upon the customized or traditional in certain beliefs, putting on a hat can be an indication of disrespect and is commonly asked to avoid in church. While using sneakers, you can manage to get a pair of inconspicuous black sneakers; however, err on the side of care as well as opt for nicer loafers, boat footwear, or dress shoes in the church.

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