The air-conditioning is a key element in any space, whether it be at home or at the workplace. Without an AC system, spaces would become unbearably hot when the sun rises and even when indoors there is no escape from the heat.

To stay cool during the summer season, people turn on their air conditioning units to make their homes and offices suitable for living and work, respectively. But maintaining these systems is an important part of keeping them going through the beat of the Singaporean summer months. Every year, many people replace their systems due to poor maintenance, which means they never give their system a chance to breathe properly before shutting down forever. It was reported that most aircon servicing Singapore companies were overwhelmed with orders from clients during the season.

For those who do not have their ACs serviced, they risk having costly repairs on these systems, or worst still, finding themselves with a faulty unit that will need to be replaced altogether. This means breaking out the wallet for costly replacements twice in one year – once before and once after the heat of the summer. Some companies offer annual aircon servicing Singapore deals to address this issue. They try to meet clients’ needs by offering affordable deals which ensure that they are always prepared when the temperature soars.

The seasonal rush is inevitable. There are also more home owners who are eager to get their systems serviced before the heat kicks in and they find themselves at the mercy of expensive repair costs or even an unneeded replacement.

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It is recommended that air conditioning units must be given a scheduled service check-up by licensed professionals, otherwise problems can develop in these units when not monitored and this will lead to poor performance and high energy consumption when issues build up inside it. If one does not want to shell out money for repairs every time when their system breaks down, then proper maintenance procedures need to be followed, such as regular cleaning and servicing schedules.

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SoCool is a one-stop company that provides an extensive range of products and services to suit the growing needs of our customers in both the industrial and commercial sectors.

SoCool’s business includes AC installation & repair, ducted split AC system installations, centralized AC systems installation & repairs, chillers rental services, demolitions AC cleaning services, preventative maintenance services for all types of buildings from warehouses to high-rise buildings via SoCool, complete centralised building management systems (BMS) via SoCool Building Management Systems and more.

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SoCool’s New Centralized Building Management System (BMS) – The BMS is an affordable solution that integrates all aspects of a building’s HVAC system into one networked control panel.

What does this mean?

At last, you can easily monitor your entire HVAC system from just one location. It allows you to integrate the indoor unit with outdoor units or sub-stations remotely so they can be monitored together, saving on energy costs. With easy access to all reports and maintenance history of your HVAC systems at one go, you can also save time on service scheduling for better cost control.

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