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Advertising Sign ทำป้าย in the market that we see everywhere. including unusual designs Often there are elements from the selection of various materials to combine into many types of signage work. as follows

1. Zinc signs

Zinc labels are galvanized labels or galvanized steel plates with electroplating processes. It is commonly used as the main material for Make a letter sign or a light box, stencil according to the design, cheaper than steel. or aluminum Can be molded and selected colors as needed. Sync labels are suitable for almost all types of signage applications. Because it is easy to form weather resistant

2. Stainless steel signs

Stainless steel is a group of steels with high corrosion resistance. In addition, stainless steel is resistant to high and low temperatures. Easy to assemble and make labels Available in a wide range of colors including gold, bronze, green, silver and black, with smooth and shiny finishes, they are popular for making beautiful signs. But this requires a more skilled technician. To preserve the workpiece neatly during assembly

3. Aluminum signs

Aluminum is resistant to corrosion. High heat resistance and easy to clean, does not rust, has a luster, can be plated to enhance its beauty. It is very lightweight, inexpensive. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to corrosion. especially saltwater from the sea Commonly used to make billboards in the form of flat plates, lighted sign frames.

4. Acrylic signs (PMMA Acrylic)

Acrylic or plastic signs are durable plastic. and has been popular in widespread use There are translucent acrylic, clear acrylic and solid acrylic. There are many colors to choose from. Therefore, it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

5. Light box

Light box signs or letter light signs It is a sign that brings together the materials to make the above signs together and uses LED lamps to illuminate it. It can be done in a variety of techniques.

Both front lights, side lights and rear lights

5. Glass signs

Glass can also be used as a sign material. Suitable for work that requires a neat, elegant, popular technique is to bring a sheet of glass cut to grinding and sandblasting, acid etching or attaching stickers according to the desired pattern.

Or it will be a glass label that is coated on the glass surface with a special color. It is firmly adhered to the glass, does not peel or crack, is resistant to heat, humidity and UV rays, so the color will not fade.

6. Plastwood signs

Plaswood sheet is a high quality PVC Foam Sheet product. The objective is to replace the use of natural wood. with superior properties than natural wood does not absorb moisture therefore there is no problem of edema Good weather resistance, heat resistance and outdoor resistance. It is insulating, soundproof, non-flammable, resistant to many chemicals as well. Can do both indoor and outdoor work Because plaswood has many thicknesses makes it possible to choose the convexity of the letters

7. Vinyl signs

Vinyl is the most popular signage material of all time with its value for money compared to the square meter size. fleshy PVC plastic Extruded with reinforcing mesh fibers, available in various shades of white. To be printed on the inkjet as required. Inexpensive and weather resistant There are various grades of vinyl labels to choose from depending on the age of use ranging from 1-2 months to 3-5 years.

8. PP board signs

PP board or future board It is a plastic sheet with a corrugated appearance similar to that of corrugated paper. Also known as corrugated plastic, it is a lightweight material that can be cut and used in a variety of applications. The stickers can be inkjet printed and can be ironed onto the PP board or using the UV screen printing technique on the sheet at all.

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9. Foam board signs

Foam board signs are as lightweight as future boards. The difference is that the texture of the future board is wavy. As for the foam board sign, it is a densely packed foam with a fine, smooth surface that can be die-cut in different formats and is easy to install. Foam board labels can be both ironed and attached stickers. Color and UV screen printing

10. Wooden signs (Natural Wood)

Wood is a classic sign material that has a beautiful charm in its own right. By using the technique of stenciling the letters from the wood, then the color against the background can clearly see the letters. embossed lettering technique Or maybe mix with iron work to add a classic cool. In addition, Inkjet printers can be applied in screen printing directly onto wood (UV printing) to achieve another aesthetic application.

11. Stone or Tile signs

It is commonly used to decorate places, rooms, buildings, which often give a feeling of solid, grandiose, “elegant”, “magical”, “sustainable”.

12. Sticker signs (Adhesive Vinyl aka Sticker)

Sticker is a simple definition of a thin sheet of plastic that has an adhesive that can peel off and stick to a variety of surfaces. Is becoming more and more popular to make signs, make advertising media, stickers can be made from a variety of plastic materials such as PVC, PP, PET, etc., suitable for use on hard materials to make permanent signs. Or may be used for wall decoration, glass stickers, one of the most popular materials in making signs today.

13. Paper signs

Paper is another good alternative that can be used as a short-term billboard, economically priced, and has a variety of designs. both large posters or if smaller It can also be used as an offset system if it is a large amount of printing.

A new alternative called Digital Print on Demand is starting to play a bigger role. Suitable for SME businesses or in the event that you want to run a campaign that is not large. Print a small amount at an affordable price.

14. Finished booth equipment

An example of this last type of label It is a combination of fabric, vinyl or sticker printing. to be attributed to the steel frame aluminum frame came out as a device for organizing a booth Exhibition equipment that facilitates entrepreneurs or agencies related to trade show exhibitions, seminars

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