Methods of solving drug addiction.

Drugs have many different types of forms, there are mild levels, moderate levels and high levels of drug addiction. People in various stages of their lives tend to get addicted to drugs at different levels. This was a problem back a couple of decades ago when people would shun drug addicts and treat them as outcasts but the whole scenario has changed a lot and now medical health has gone into the field of drug addiction and made it easier for drug addicts to get help however, they want. There are so many programs they can choose from and they can opt for different types of drug addiction treatments at a drug rehab facility. They can get detox queens procedure done in various ways. That is not the issue anymore, the main issue is helping the patient accept the fact that they need serious help or their life is going to change for the worse. Therefore, they are advised to get in touch with a medical health specialist and get a checkup. Once the checkup is done, they will be assigned any one of the two drug addiction treatments. What are they? They are the following:

1). Inpatient detox program.

2). Outpatient detox program.

What is inpatient detox program?

Inpatient detox program is a way for the patient to get detoxified at a rehab facility where they will be admitted for a set period of time so that they can cure their drug addiction with the help of medical health professionals and therapists and nurses at their disposal all the time. They won’t be left alone and will be under 24-hour surveillance in case of any withdrawal symptoms that might occur from leaving drugs.

There are many things involved in the inpatient detox treatment. The detox procedure is very tough and is for people who are at the extreme levels of drug addiction. These drug addiction levels can only be solved by inpatient detox treatment. The patient is also given medical treatment. The medical treatment over here means that they are told to get the same drugs that they are addicted to but of a different kind and at a dosage that is way lower than they have been taking in order for the detox queens procedure to work in the inpatient program.

Inpatient detox treatment is also very expensive, it costs anywhere from 15,000 dollars to 45,000 dollars and it varies from rehab facility to rehab facility. There are some joint programs where a 90-day program is offered for 60,000 dollars instead of it being 90,000 dollars because some rehab facilities take 30,000 dollars per month for inpatient detox. The chances of healing are very high when it comes to inpatient detox program.

What is outpatient detox program?

Outpatient detox program allows the drug addict to move around freely, they can go and do stuff they want and they can come to the rehab facility and get their treatment done. The treatment that is done usually involves a therapist and group counselling where they are given knowledge about drug addiction, the information on the drug that they are addicted to and also are given the support of people that are going through the same situation as them. Both former and current drug addicts are there at the counselling and therapy sessions to help give each other a sense of hope that they can cure themselves.

This treatment program is less expensive, costing 1,000 dollars to 5,000 dollars. Some good rehab centers where experienced doctors exist cost 10,000 dollars per month. Therefore, you do not have to suffer from drug addiction, there are plenty of methods to solve them by getting detox queens procedure done at a drug rehabilitation center.

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