Know All Guide on Diamonds for First Time Buyers

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”– these are not just words, but the most rampant truth that prevails. They are the sparklers that no one can resist in this world – men and women alike. Buying diamond-studded jewellery can be very overwhelming especially if you haven’t made any diamond jewlery purchase earlier. We know you have a set of questions in your mind, and with so much information floating around diamonds around you, you don’t know what is important and what’s not. You can get here a comprehensive guide that will help you to choose diamonds confidently without any doubts in mind.

The 4C’s Basic: Every diamond is graded on a universal parameter called the 4C’s which stands for color, cut, clarity, and carat. These terms may sound familiar, let us briefly tell you what these are.

  • Cut: As the name suggests it stands for how the diamond has been cut. The way a diamond is cut determines its sparkle because it is the cut of the diamond that determines how it reflects the like to look brilliant. There are different ways in which a diamond can be cut, but the most popular and preferred cut is the round brilliant cut, followed by princess cut which is geometrically like a square either with sharp edges or with more rounded edges. If you are looking for an online trusted retailer to purchase diamond jewelry look no further than Melorra. Visit site to get enthralled with their trendy collection.
  • Clarity: The clarity of diamonds is nothing but the reference to the impurities and surface imperfections. Usually, this evades the eyes of a common man, but a jewelry expert would be able to spot it. Higher the impurities, the more difficult it is for the light to pass through it, thus reducing the brilliance. So don’t forget to ask the jeweler about this.
  • Color: The more colorless the diamond, the more valuable this gemstone is! Strange but that’s the truth. Diamonds with a slight yellow tint means it won’t be as brilliant as the clear diamonds and are lesser in value. This aspect of the diamond becomes more prominent as the diamond gets larger in size.
  • Carat: Carat is the standard measurement of diamonds in weight, which is often confused with the size. It’s a common misconception that bigger diamonds shine brighter, the truth is the brilliance of the diamond depends on the cut and not entirely on the weight.

Seek Certification: Also referred to as the 5th C for choosing diamond jewelry, valid certification plays a vital role while purchasing diamond jewelry. Most jewelers provide lab certificates for all sorts of diamonds that they sell. If the jeweler is hesitating to provide the certificate then this is certainly a red flag to look out for.

Decide a Budget: If this is the first time you are purchasing diamond jewelry then start with something small like a single diamond studded minimalistic ring.  Before you browse online or visit local shops decide the budget you want to stick to. Once you have had a hang of buying diamond jewelry, that’s when you can venture into buying bigger diamond-studded jewelry like necklaces, or bracelets.

Always remember if you want your diamonds to shine forever, then maintain them properly by appropriately storing them when not in use, and cleaning them periodically.

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