How To Win Customers With Ecommerce Web Design?

Good eCommerce website designing is about pursuing your customers to buy the product using the right font, images, colors, words, and graphics. The eCommerce website design should show the shop’s best light and provide a great user experience. But what is the point of beautiful designs if they cannot attract customers? From buying Korean sheet masks to kitchen cabinets, everything is done online, and to build the brand and connect with more customers to improve sales, good eCommerce website designing is the key. 

Most customers are very vigilant and pay attention to the website’s layout; they are less likely to trust a company’s credibility no matter what they are selling if the website is clunky and difficult to use. An attractive site is also needed to stand out amongst all the competitors; however, customer satisfaction should be the primary goal.

Here are some of the eCommerce website design tips that can help win customers:

  • Think like a website visitor

Think like an audience to make sure that the eCommerce website connects with the audience. When you think like a customer, you can estimate what they want from your eCommerce store. In an eCommerce experience, a potential customer wants a site that is well designed, easy to navigate, straightforward, and hassle-free. 

  • Attractive Content

A customer only depends on the description, product image, videos, and reviews from other customers to evaluate before buying a product. Hence, content is one of the essential components to drive sales and bring in a customer. Some of the ways content can be made attractive are by using a good product image as it always has a place on social media like Instagram and Pinterest; another way would be to do “how-to” videos. For example, if you are selling a hairdryer, create videos such as hairstyles for wavy hair.

  • Use Colour to your advantage

Colour is an extremely valuable tool for eCommerce website design and if used smartly, it can drive some serious sales. You can’t just make everything pink because it is your favorite color. Colors express different feelings, actions, and emotions from people. For example, according to color psychology, red is connected with passion and excitement. Hence, making the purchase button red can be a driving factor.

  • Make a design that reflects your product

Customers should know what kind of products you sell just by looking at the design of your eCommerce website. If you sell luxurious products, the design should also be elegant. Similarly, you can make them with soft colors and a natural or tropical theme if you sell plants or flowers.

  • Get more than just beautiful design

Although the website must look pretty, its primary goal is to attract customers, so it should be a good design that is very easy to navigate and doesn’t distract people from buying the product. 


Effective eCommerce website design helps contribute to overall online success. Even with very few changes here and there in the website, you can offer a dream user experience to your customers. Customers want essential things such as swift responses, brand consistency, and personalized interactions for a great buying experience. 

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