How to do an intervention for a drug addict?

It can be disheartening to know that the person that you loved and adored is going through drug addiction. Drug addiction does not change the fact what you feel about them still, but the upsetting period of you realizing that they are your family member is what makes you feel hurt that you were not there for them or maybe there is something that you lacked which made them do drugs in the first place. But you should not beat yourself up like that. What you need to do over here is that it is time to show the drug addict the mirror, time to tell them that what they are going through can really make their lives something that they never want it to be. That drug addiction can take their life away and if their drug addiction is going bad day by day then it is time for an intervention.

But how does one stage an intervention? It is simple, the moment you realize that the drug addict is going to a path that can destroy their life and can affect you and your family members then you have to take action and call an intervention. Here is what you need to do:

You should find a peaceful place, a place that your loved one who is going through drug addiction loves.

This is the first step in order for you to stage an intervention. You have to find a place that your loved one loves the most, it can be a restaurant, a public place such as a park, or roof tops etc. Anything that they love but make sure that if they are in a restaurant it should be around a time where there are very few people and you should take a seat where there are no people around. This can be risky but as long as it’s the favorite place of the person who is going through substance abuse, it is fine. Because it will make them more receptive towards your plea towards them.

Help them understand the drug addiction they are going through.

Now is the time to help them understand their addiction problem. Tell them how this addiction is affecting their grades, how this addiction is taking them away from their siblings, parents, and friends that truly care about them. Help them understand the harmful effects of the drugs that they are taking. Tell them about what can happen to them and how hurt you and your family members will be if they are no more in your life. This is something that can have a profound effect on them

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Talk to them nicely.

You should not use a tone that can make them feel attacked or hurt. You should not make them feel guilty about their choices in the past, it can make them shut you out of your life. Therefore, using words that are kind and generous is what is needed.

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Help them talk to a medical health professional.

You can bring a rehab specialist at the place of intervention to help them understand the dire situation they are in. A rehab specialist can really dig deep and help the drug addict understand what can really happen. They can show pictures of previous drug addicts that lose their lives to drug addiction which can have a real profound effect on the drug addict and it can also make them finally feel like they need real help.

Therefore, once they accept that they need help, take them to the drug rehabilitation center and get them treated there. To get an appointment with a rehab specialist and learn more information regarding treatment programs, see here.

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