How To Clean And Maintain LVT Floors

LVT flooring is a luxury product that many people love for its durability. However, it still needs to be appropriately maintained to maintain its appearance and look great for years to come. This guide walks you through the necessary steps of cleaning and maintaining LVT flooring in your home or office, so they always look their best!

How To Clean LVT Floors?

An LVT floor is made out of a laminate product and can be challenging to clean. Unlike other floors that have pores, the surface of an LVT does not absorb dirt or stains as well. This means you need to use different methods for cleaning than what might typically work on another flooring material like hardwood. Here’s how our experts recommend:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with stiff bristles of brushes for deep vacuuming across the entire area so that all loose particles are removed from in between the cracks and grooves of your wood veneer tile plank design (Image)
  • Remove food spills immediately by blotting them up aggressively using paper towels dipped in warm water
  • Clean spill spots and stains using a mixture of vinegar and warm water.
  • Clean stubborn stains by sprinkling baking soda on the area, scrubbing with a brush or broom’s bristles, then rinse
  • Use an oleophobic surface sealer to prevent future spills from becoming permanent stains
  • If you want extra help in resisting dirt and grime, try our specially designed Floor Armor products which are specifically engineered for LVT floors.”

Everyday Cleaning Of LVT Floors

Clean up any spills as soon as they happen for the best results. This is especially important if you have pets or children prone to spilling things on your floors. Wiping down a spill with just water will usually do the trick. Still, sometimes it’s necessary to clean dirt off of LVT in more detail with soap and warm water or even vinegar mixed into equal parts dish detergent and hot water if there isn’t anything else spilled on top of whatever might be stuck there (like ketchup). It can help to know that PineSol works well too.

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Deep Cleaning Of LVT Flooring

The first step to deep clean your LVT flooring is to use a dry mop or vacuum cleaner. You can also purchase the Broomstick from Oreck, specially designed for cleaning hardwood floors and laminates with its 100% poly brush head.

Next, you will need a bucket of hot water and some dish soap – how much depends on the size of the area being cleaned. Wet your floor first using either hot water from your bucket or just plain tap water, then apply soap until it is completely covered in suds. 

Let this sit for about three minutes so all dirt can be loosened up before wiping away with your mop/scrubber. If you’re not happy with how dirty it got at that point, leave it to soak longer but no more than thirty minutes! You’ll want to repeat these steps often if there’s lots of traffic through the space since LVT floors are usually more sensitive to dirt than other floors.

How To Prevent Damage To LVT Floors

If you’ve just installed your LVT flooring, it is essential to take care of this investment. It takes time for the surface coating on laminate floors to wear off from walking and other regular use, so there’s no need to worry about that yet. The real risk comes from accidents like spills or scratches.  However, high quality floorings such as Kahrs LVT Flooring have unique waterproof ceramic coating which provides a scratch and dent resistant surface thus  preventing spillages from making any permanent damage.

The best way to protect your floor is by using a protective mat in high-traffic areas. Mats help keep dirt and sand from tracking onto the surface, stopping scratches before they happen.

We hope that this guide helps you in cleaning and maintaining your LVT floors effectively.

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