How Is Alimony Decided During A Divorce? 

If you are proceeding through a divorce, you might have wondered how alimony is decided. While certain factors are considered for determining, the judge ultimately makes the ruling for it. Facing a divorce could be tricky. But, not being aware of the decision of alimony and getting ripped off is worse. 

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To ensure you do not end up in an unfavorable situation, it is advisable to talk to a Galveston divorce lawyer. An attorney would have the right set of legal skills to help you obtain a reasonable alimony plan. Before that, you must know precisely how alimony is decided during a divorce. 

  • Payments 

Before the judge decides the alimony support, they would first evaluate whether either spouse needs alimony support and is eligible to pay. Some cases have rendered a spouse ineligible to pay due to unavoidable circumstances. To avoid an unfair ruling, a judge would first decide if the conditions for alimony support are favorable for both spouses. 

  • Distribution 

Once the judge has decided the need for alimony support, the next factor of consideration would be the equal distribution of alimony payments between both parties. The decision may differ if there is a legal asset like properties involved. Depending on the credibility, all the assets would be distributed or named after a spouse. After the property has been divided, the judge will decide how much each spouse will get in alimony. 

  • Expenses 

The aspect of expenses is often left unspoken. The key to deriving a fair alimony structure is calculating how much either spouse would spend. Although, these expenses have to be reasonable and legit. A Galveston attorney might be able to help you out with it.  

  • Standard of living 

Yet another factor in deciding the alimony award is the standard of living established by the couple before the divorce. It is nothing but a parameter that accounts for the expenses of living. A judge might consider this closely as it is a crucial part of the ultimate decision. It is required by a judge to think how much each party would get to maintain the standard of living. 

  • Age and health 

It could be tough to avoid frequent illness for some people at a certain age. To conclude the alimony support, the judge will account for the age and health of both spouses. If either of them shows deprived signs of health and the other doesn’t, the alimony support could differ. 

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