Experiencing the Best of Memphis

Memphis is an amazing city that has roots deeply set in culture, music, and some of the best food and entertainment you’ll find in the world.

These are the best reasons to visit Memphis, what it means to be here, and why this city will make you want to move in after just one visit.

Why Memphis?

People have been asking ‘why Memphis’ for the last hundred years, and the truth is: nobody knows why it has such an incredible draw on people.  This area has birthed some of the most amazing musicians, and has inspired others into making the best albums of history.  

This city has incredible food, great entertainment, and above all else, it’s surrounded by gorgeously lush forests and greenery.  Those who visit quickly start looking at Memphis houses for sale because it’s affordable on top of everything else.  It’s an incredible city.  

The Best Food

Memphis is internationally known for two of its staple foods: hot chicken and incredible barbecue.  If you love fried chicken, you should make a stop at Gus’s, where you can try the fried chicken that set off a global love for heat and crispy chicken.  

If barbecue is more your speed, try Corky’s!   This barbecue restaurant makes its own spices and works to create dish after dish of amazing flavors that will make you want another dish after finishing your first.

The Best Sights

Because this city is partially famous for being the one place Elvis could settle down: his estate is a prominent landmark in the city.  You can travel from Sun Studio, where endless popular music was created, and visit Graceland to walk where The King himself walked and lived his life.  

If you’re more interested in the classic Americana look, take a drive down Beale Street.  This lively street is covered in bars and restaurants and has enough neon signs and fun advertising that it feels like you’re walking through footage shot for a movie in the 1980s.  Every inch of this street is amusing, and when you’re done looking at it, you can go in for a drink and meal!

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Best Entertainment

As the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll, and the home of blue, Memphis is serious about its music.  While you’re here, try to check out the music at clubs like Minglewood Hall, Tin Roof, and Lafayette’s Music Room.

Each of these also serves food and alcohol and allows you to enjoy sitting back and drinking in the smooth tunes of local musicians.  Memphis is serious about its music, so this is a must-stop location.

Best Experiences

While you’re in town, there are a few experiences you should try to get in!  The Stax Museum of American Soul music, and the National Civil Rights Museum, are a couple of stops that have a lot of cultural importance and matter to people worldwide.

If you want a few minutes of introspection to look back at how far we’ve come and what led us to where we are, stopping in at either of these locations will give you the chance to grow while you’re in Memphis.

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