Common Myths About Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are devastating, leaving victims with severe physical injuries. To ensure one’s safety in an accident, it is necessary to know the correct details without focusing on an accident story that sparked more myths about itself. A truck accident usually occurs on the highway or on the road with plenty of widths to accommodate vehicles. 

No matter how experienced you are, someone else’s carelessness can lead to an accident. In such cases, you can file for a compensation to get financial compensation for your damages and injuries, easing the financial burden. To initiate a claim, make sure you speak to a Portland truck accidents lawyer. A lawyer can fight for your rights and make sure you get a successful compensation. 

Nevertheless, some myths about the accident often confuse or scare some people, ultimately leading to an accident. Here are a few myths that are commonly believed. 

  • The insurance will cover all the damages. 

Many people assume that the insurance company will take care of every damage or injury by compensating for it. It is one of the most common myths and is entirely false. The insurance company only covers the damages and injuries your policy was meant to compensate for. 

Not to mention, you have to collect all the necessary pieces of evidence like camera footage or anything from the scene of the accident to prove you are eligible for damages. The company can still stall your claim and deny compensation. Instead, one can seek help from a lawyer and pursue the compensation case. 

  • Truck drivers are least likely to cause an accident.

Another unreasonable myth that gives false assurances to the people on the road is that truck drivers have a good experience and cannot cause an accident. A driver can cause an accident, even unknowingly. Experience does not matter since the driver should be focused entirely on the road when driving. If not focusing on the road or being careless while driving, any driver could use the accident. Always drive safely by maintaining a distance from other vehicles. 

  • The victim has more time to file a claim. 

If the victim suffered damages or injuries in the truck accident, they should file a claim or case as soon as possible. Some laws and regulations allow victims to file claims within 72 hours. Do not neglect to file a claim, and your claim might be justified if applied earliest. 

Even though some people might argue that the victim is injured and should have as much needed, it is within the victim’s authority to file a claim by themself or ask an attorney to do so. Since filing a claim involves paperwork and maintaining evidence, you should start with the case immediately. Otherwise, the claim might get rejected.  

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