Cloudways Review – A Perfect Managed Hosting Solution For Magento

Online solutions are the new norm for business success, especially after COVID-19 necessitated mass movement to digital platforms. Businesses today need solutions that are easy-to-use and cost effective, and which help businesses grow faster within online spaces.

For store owners, it all starts with the selection of the right ecommerce platform – which often turns out to be Magento – and a reliable Magento hosting solution.

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Choosing the Right Hosting Solution for Your Site

Platform and hosting are the pillars to your online solution that let you build and scale the way your business needs. There are multiple hosting solutions like:

Shared Hosting: While this is an easy to use, manage and affordable solution, it’s the least reliable solution you can get. Because all the resources are shared and don’t know what goes down and when.

Cloud Hosting/Dedicated Server: This is the most reliable solution but requires technical expertise to handle. It offers total freedom but this freedom and reliability also comes with a high cost.

Managed Magento cloud hosting offers the best of both worlds as an advanced but easy to use Magento cloud hosting solution that a non-tech person can use to manage and launch a Magento site. Even the magento hosting prices are nominal because they work on a pay-as-you-go model.

Why Choose Cloudways as Your Managed Hosting Solution?

Hosting a Magento site requires a high performance, secure and scalable server with good support – all of which Magento Hosting has in spades. Cloudways offers a choice between top 5 hosting providers (AWS Course, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean Linode and Vultr) with over 60+ data centers in 15 different countries. These 5 hosting providers have the best servers for Magento 2.

Cloudways has been providing a solution to merchants, developers and agencies for more than 10 years now. Let’s explore some of the features it provides to optimize Magento hosting (or any other PHP-based application.)

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Optimized Thunder Stack

Cloudways has in-built Apache, NGINX, PHP-FPM and MySQL/MariaDB with Varnish cache, and its own CDN for the optimum performance of your Magento store. They keep updating their stack to keep up with the latest Magento versions, so that you always get the best of it.

Vertical Scaling

Cloudways understands its customers’ hosting needs, and thus offers an easy vertical scaling feature to scale the server resources, and then downgrade them again as per your requirement.


Cloudways has a dedicated firewall and continuous security updates to keep your server secure. They have also partnered with Stackpath and Cloudflare to protect against online attacks. They also offer IP Whitelisting features to get unrestricted access over multiple networks or regions through SSH and SFTP.

Backups and Cron Jobs

With Cloudways, you can back up the whole server or just a single Magento application. Through the cron job functionality, you can automate tasks like emails.

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Staging Environment

This feature is especially great for agencies – you can test the site on a staging environment and fix bugs before deploying it on the live server directly from the staging environment.

24/7/365 Support Team

While Cloudways makes it easy to manage your operations with just a few clicks, you can still get help from a dedicated support team that’s present 23/7/365 if you run into any trouble.


Cloudways offer server monitoring where you can see and analyze the overall health of your server by showing actual usage of RAM, CPU, Disk and Bandwidth of the server. Based on which server resources can be scaled and planned for future to avoid any inconvenience. Even the graph of server performance can be checked based on hourly to month basis.

To dig further into the monitoring part Cloudways also offers application monitoring where you can identify which application is using most of your resources and where those resource are being used.

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How Easy is it to Launch a Magento Site on Cloudways?

One of the main reasons that people prefer to use managed hosting solutions is the ease of server management. Now let’s explore how easily one can launch a new Magento server within just a few minutes on Cloudways.

For new users, Cloudways offers 3 free trial days to explore and test the platform. Here you can create account on the Cloudways platform. If you use the coupon code “BOOSTMAG”, you’ll get an additional $20 hosting credit!

Once your account is created, login to Cloudways platform and launch a new server. Define the following details to launch the server:

  • Application to install on this server (Magento, Laravel, WooCommerce, WordPress or Custom PHP app)
  • Name your application
  • Name your server
  • Select the project on which you want to launch this server

Now define your servers and resources.

In the end, just select the location of the nearest data center.

Before clicking on the “Launch Now” button, check everything is properly defined.

It maytake a few minutes to launch the server and install your application on it.

Once your server is ready, click on your server and check your application. Don’t forget to optimize and get the necessary package for your application.

Actual Magento Site

Bonus Feature

For new users who want to migrate their site from any other hosting provider to Cloudways, you can get one free migration. Along with that, Cloudways also offers free SSL certificate which in today’s world has become a necessity for every site, especially the ecommerce ones. Developers using the Git environment can also deploy their site on Cloudways via their feature of Deployment Via Git.

Is Cloudways Worth It?

Definitely if you want to host Magento or any other PHP based application! The stack is updated with the latest technologies and the services are optimized with excellent support to keep your business up and running.

Author Bio:

Abdur Rahman is the Magento Community Manager at Cloudways. He is growth ambitious, and aims to learn & share information about Ecommerce & Magento Development through practice and experimentation. He loves to travel and explore new ideas whenever he finds time. Get in touch with him at [email protected]

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