Answering FAQs related to car accidents in California

Nothing is more unfortunate than getting injured in a car accident that was not your fault. Accidents involving driver’s fault are not unusual in California. Immediately after the crash, you may have difficulty keeping everything together. The best advice would be to work with a reliable auto accident lawyer, such as Redkey Gordon. For your help, we have answered the top questions related to car accidents in California. 

What should you do after the crash in California?

First and foremost, inform the local police, and if someone is injured, call 911 for medical assistance. These are your legal responsibilities as a driver. California laws require you to report an accident to the California DMV within ten days if death, injury, or property damage of more than $1,000 was involved. Apart from this, you should consider taking photos of the accident scene and must exchange contact and insurance info with other drivers. Do not leave the scene until someone arrives at the scene. 

How long do you have to file a car accident in California?

The statute of limitations in every state sets the deadline for car accident lawsuits. The usual deadline is two years for all personal injury cases in California. You could file a wrongful death case within two years if you lost a loved one. Remember that alltimesmagazine the deadline starts from the date of the accident (or death), and therefore, you should work on the case keeping all possibilities in mind. 

Do you need to hire a lawyer?

The laws in California don’t make it mandatory to alltimesmagazine hire an attorney for your auto accident claim or lawsuit. However, hiring a lawyer comes with many advantages that are hard to ignore. If you have endured serious damages, or when you have a share in fault, hiring an attorney will help. Also, your lawyer is crucial for negotiating a settlement with the insurance company and investigating the accident to find and prove liability. 

Can you sue the other party if you were also at fault?

Yes. California follows a pure comparative fault rule. You can file a lawsuit against the other at-fault driver, no matter the share of fault. If you are given a settlement, your fault share will determine what you get out of it. Ideally, it is best to have a car accident lawyer on your side to ensure that you don’t lose your right to seek compensation. 

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