8 Important Things to do Before Painting Your Exterior Walls

It is important to complete most of the preparatory work before hitting your paintbrush on your exterior wall. The finely prepared surface will yield smooth paint strokes throughout the building and vice versa for the poorly done surface. Therefore, preparation is mandatory beforehand for the painting of the exterior surface of your house. Following are the 10 important things you must follow to complete your paint project in no time with a low budget and good results.

Strategy development 

Undoubtedly, the preparation for the exterior paint is a hectic task. You may have no idea where to begin to cover the whole area in the prescribed time. Therefore, it is advised to develop a complete strategy for the project from start to end. Divide and subdivide the parts of the project to complete them in various sections. Identify those areas which you think might pose an issue for you in the long run and plan a separate strategy for them

Watch out for the pets

The effects of having an outdoor pet on your project must be considered before starting the process. You have to keep an eye on your pet as well as the area where all the residue falls during scrapping and rubbing so that it won’t harm your pet in any way. If you keep that little thing in mind then your pets will remain safe during the whole process.

Stepladders and scaffolding 

If your home or business place is more than one story building that has to be painted then you must need a ladder or sometimes a scaffold to increase your access safely. It is known that it is hard to set up the ladder or scaffold in external areas rather than the internal ones. So it is important to have a smooth ground for setting the ladder and scaffold.

Surface Protection

To start your painting project, you must look for the herbs and shrubs nearby. It’s not an easy task to clean up the surface out of the bushes and herbs in no time so it is advised to put a cover over them. But don’t forget to uncover those plants on regular basis to avoid them dying.

Forced wash-down the exterior

The forced washer is used to clean all the dust and rubbish from the exterior walls that are supposed to be painted to have a smooth coverage of the paint. Its recommended that do the forced washing from top to bottom of the exterior walls of your home in a controlled manner.

Do the repairs if required

Do a complete analysis of your exterior wall to look for some damage like holes or cracks. In case, it is something of serious nature, don’t hesitate in calling the professionals to assess the problem. The roofers in Austin, TX offers you a specialized team of professionals that will look into your problem thoroughly then recommend the repair accordingly and will complete it within your arranged budget.

Take out the slacked paint

If there is any loose paint on your exterior walls then scrape it out and smooth the surface with the sandpaper to completely eradicate the peeled paint. In this way, the new paint will adhere to the surface in a better way and give a professional look.

Look out for weather conditions

Beforehand starting your project look for the weather conditions in your region to have a better plan and timing for the exterior paint project. Rain will hinder the process of paint. Similarly, many paints have varying tolerance levels to different temperatures to work in an optimum way.

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