6 Common Mistakes beginner animators normally make

When someone is starting with some skills, they lack in most of the areas. If you are thinking of entering the field of animation, you must know the dos and don’ts. Animation is not an easy job if you are not creative or have an in-depth knowledge of a certain brand. Therefore, it is mandatory that you do brainstorming and come with some unique ideas.

The best animation studio in Seattle, Washington, says that not everyone is a perfectionist initially, and everyone faces some of the issues while learning. Here is a complete list of the mistakes an animator typically makes while learning animation and trying to get started in it.

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1. Importance of Animation Syllabus:

If you are a student, you need to know what is happening in your class and what you will be learning in a particular subject. For this, you must go through your subject syllabus thoroughly to make your study life easy.

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The best part of going through the syllabus is knowing what you will be taught in that subject.

Most beginner animators avoid going through the animation syllabus because of what they will be learning and lack the basic knowledge as well.

So, the top-notch professional animator says that you should do some of the homework before going to the class. Through this, you will have a better animation career and won’t be making any of the major blunders in animation.

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2. AMP is not being used.

I found that at least half of the kids in a class of nine will not use AMP. You must use AMP to check in your work, as this allows your mentor to pull up your work and “see behind the hood,” as it were. During class, some mentors prefer to pull up your work and adjust your animation. These demonstrations have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. This helps the students know how professional the animator is and will also help solve the problem in a step-by-step demo.

Before the first week of class, make sure to set up AMP. It not only accelerates your learning curve but also benefits others. We’re all in this class together to learn!

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3. Not Giving Enough Time To Animation:

Most of the time, it is observed that initially, students don’t put effort into an assignment requires. Even a child needs weeks to stand up on his own feet. Most beginner animators think that it is an easy job to create animation, but as soon as they start, most of them panic or face stress.

Most professionals also went through the same experiences when they were students. What helped them most was to admit that although it is hard, they can still do it.

The more space you give yourself, the more you will be able to deliver good work. The room for mistakes will be small; you can do iterations and master the craft easily and quickly.

So, spend some of the quality hours in making an assignment. This will help you in learning and help in learning a different thing about animation that your mentor will be missing out on in the teaching sessions.

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4. Avoid taking feedbacks:

It is seen that most people are afraid of taking feedbacks either from a mentor or from their client. This is because they will get humiliated or insulted or feel guilty for the mistakes they made. This results in zero improvements, and they keep on working at the same pace with progress.

So, the best animation studio in Seattle, Washington, suggests that beginner animators or animation studios take feedback. If you are a beginner animator, you should seek input from your mentor on what mistakes you are making and learn from them. If you are an animation studio, then it is necessary that you know from the feedback of your client and don’t make that mistake again. It is no harm in learning from client feedback because it will help you progress, and you will not make that blunders again.

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5. Worrying about grades rather than focusing on learning:

Every animator put effort and hard work into the animation. Most people find it hard to sit back there and take the feedback when they put so, many efforts into it, and the person sitting in front starts taking out flaws in it.

An animator should not take it personally rather than start learning from it. The natural gesture of a person is that they start defending themselves. Not every time you will receive appreciation for your work, criticism is easy to do. Try to learn from all this criticism and take this criticism as a positive one to build your potential.

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6. Keep it simple:

Try to keep your animation simple. The more complex an animation will be, the more you will be facing issues in it. Most professionals recommend supporting your work simply and not wasting your time putting extra effort into it. By following the simplicity, you can achieve some of the best results and can speedily finish work.

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Wrapping Up:

Not everyone is perfect at the start of something. You need to learn from different experiences. The best animation studio in Seattle, Washington also recommends avoiding making the same mistake again and again. Follow the latest trends going in the market and you will be able to improve your skills.

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