What To Do When Injured By An Airbag?

It may sound surprising, but an airbag has injured many people in their car during an accident. Airbags are generally integrated into a vehicle to provide safety before an accident to the passengers inside. These airbags usually inflate instantly after sensing an unusual activity inside the car. 

It would be helpful for you to contact an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer. Airbags inflate quickly after the car gets bumped to protect against any injury. When the airbag inflates, speed and pressure can cause fatal injuries. One should know what to do when they get injured by an airbag since it can help them be safe. 

  • Get out of the car 

It may sound ambiguous, but the victim should get out of the car immediately after they suffer an injury from the airbag inflation. Some victims did not leave the car thinking that the airbag may stop inflating. Do not wait for the airbag to deflate. The car could get claustrophobic, leading to death in the worst cases. Leave the car and secure yourself in a good atmosphere. 

  • Check for injuries

Once the victim has secured themself in a secure position, they must check if they have suffered any injuries or wounds after the airbag is inflated. One won’t necessarily face an injury, but it would be better to take precautions rather than assumptions.

 The injuries might not reflect immediately. But if there are any signs of pain, wound, or injury, one must inform the local authorities. Signs like swollen wounds, increased chest pain, sudden headache, etc., indicate that the victim has encountered injuries. 

  • Medical care 

Seeking medical care after an accident is necessary. Some victims avoid getting medical help after the incident, assuming they will be completely fine after some time without healthcare. The victim might likely experience symptoms like damaged hearing, continuous sounds of buzzing or ringing in the ear, pain in the eyes or swollen eyes, cough while breathing, etc. 

Medical healthcare would prove effective and help the victims recover from the injuries or the symptoms they might experience. If treated early, the victim would be able to avoid fatal injuries or disabilities like hearing loss or blindness.

  • Contacting insurance companies 

Many people have insurance coverage to help them cope financially with the damages and injuries. It is necessary to inform the insurance companies once the victim is healthy. If informed late, the insurance claim might get delayed or rejected. 

One should seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer in  Doithuong Conyers. They might help the victim in building a strong case and assist them in getting a fair claim by handling evidence and legal procedures. 

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