Straight Present and Fleeting Examination 103

Today we know that electricity is produced by electrons. An electron is the smallest unit of electric charge, and its quantity is known as “1 esu.” An electron is not easily found in nature, but it can be generated, and it constitutes the most important source of energy in modern societies. In its simplest version, the concepts of current and voltage constitute the bases of electricity.

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Let us defi ne current and voltage using the simplest possible terms. Current is the fl ow (movement) of electrons, whereas voltage is the force that makes this fl ow possible. This chapter deals with DC electrical systems and transients. The term “DC” is an abbreviation of direct current, which refers to electrical sources that employ unidirectional current.

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These sources of voltage or current provide a fi xed or constant output. A current that varies with respect to time reversing directions periodically is called alternating current, abbreviated as “AC,” and is the subject of Chapter 3. DC voltage sources consist of batteries, generators, and power supplies.Read more about Tamilmv

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These devices employ different technologies and modes of operations, but the end result is to supply a constant terminal voltage, regardless of the current demand and load connected to its terminals. A DC current source is analogous to a voltage source in the sense that it supplies a constant current fl ow, whereas the voltage demand may vary across its terminals.

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Last words

DC is produced either by a voltage or current source that delivers a constant output, denoted mathematically as e(t) = E V (volts) or i(t) = I A (amp) respectively, and the electrical responses (steady state) in any of its branches of an electrical network are also constant.

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