How should You Play Super Nova Slots and how to win them ?

The reeling machine has an unusual design, but it has a simple interface that is easy to use. Apps can be opened on a PC or a mobile device. Once the splash screen has been clicked through, you can start playing! On the big screen, you’ll see nine reels and nine rows on it. Users must form blocks with six or more of the same icons for a prize. There are pay-out rules in the next section.

This means that when you play the Solar Nova slot machine, you can always bet ten coins on each spin. When you click on the Coins symbol, you can open the bet modifier. Adjust the number of bets from €0.10 to €50. Press Spin to start each new game. You can turn on the Autoplay option if you want to play alone. Depending on what you like, you can set up many different games to run simultaneously every day or every week. The Menu icon gives you quick and easy access to the game’s pay-table, strategy guide, and many other options and features, such as how to play.

On the Slot Machine, there are things like payouts and symbols.

It has seven regular symbols, two of which are wilds. You can see what icons do in the paytable and how much they make. To win, you must connect six or more of the same signs in either horizontal or vertical directions to get points. To figure out how much you won, divide the symbol coefficient in the paytable by ten.

Aqua blue and green crystals that you keep in charge of 25 or more can earn you 10, 20, or 30 times as many points. Over a quarter-dozen, different kinds of colored gems can be worth 50 times what they are worth. People can pay up to 80 times what they’re worth for a crystal with a golden ring.

Symbols that aren’t special are changed to the Solar and Rocket Wild symbols. When you use the wilds, you can make a lot of different winning clusters. Here, in this part of the review, we’ll go over some of the bonus features in more detail now that you know what the symbols look like ClassyBeef.

Favorite thing about Solar Nova:

New ones will be put in their place when the old symbols fall to the ground. Icons fall from the ceiling and land in empty places. This is how it works: After the cluster wins are gone, the tumbling goes on.

The Rocket Wild moves or tumbles to a random spot on the reels when the Rocket Wild shows up. To get rid of the rocket wild on the board, you can use teleportation to get there. As a result, your chances of winning go up. This means that there is only one way to get there for each tumble.

The Solar Wild is always in the same place: on top of the Sun.

Randomly turns any of the 1-4 center branches with a solar flare into a single icon when the base game doesn’t go your way. In the Solar Nova bonus game, flares can show up on any cascades. They can also show up on the whole screen.

As long as the Solar Wild is part of a winning cluster, the number on its counter goes up by one when you play free games. If the wild appears in eight consecutive winning spins, this feature is turned on. For an avalanche, the wild spreads out into a 3×3 space.

Before the subsequent tumble, a Rocket Wild that helped win will move to an empty spot at random. Everyone who played in the base game won. Every time they get a free throw, the Rockets go to a random spot next to them at the same time. Each time a rocket lands, the multiplier inside rises by one unit.


Each time there are three or more rockets in the base game, you’ll get ten free spins. These wilds started when the feature was used, so they started where they were. There are no more bonus games that can be re-enabled.

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